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Market uncertainty

New online tool
using PUTS and CALLS

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Affordable options

Option Advantage is an effective
and efficient online tool
for cost-conscious, successful
grain producers.

Option Advantage is an easy-to-use, timesaving, online tool of 126 Blend Orders continually updated by live ECBOT data. The tool allows you to participate and benefit from your position in volatile commodity markets, all at an affordable price.

Option Advantage takes the guesswork out of using CALL and PUT options. It helps to speed up your decision-making process - saving you time during rapidly moving markets. Option Advantage gives you staying power to maintain your position.


Complements market plans

Self-standing procedure

Reduced Cost

Compared to purchasing a simple option premium

Mobile Accessible

Access anywhere, anytime!


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Option Advantage is a user-friendly tool to help you achieve
your market goals.

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