Option Advantage® Benefits

Option Advantage® is ready to use in your marketing decisions from the moment you login and open the program. Over 30 years of professional experience using CALL and PUT option contracts have been condensed into Option Advantage®.

Option Advantage® allows you to take advantage of market movement by quickly matching your price to a Blend Order™ of CALLS and PUTS. This allows you to affordably participate, maintain, and most importantly benefit from your position in volatile markets.

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Option Advantage® Benefits


Enter as many contracts as you wish with each Blend Order™.

Helps You Relax

Option Advantage® takes the guesswork out of using CALL and PUT options.


Can complement cash marketing, and other marketing programs or as a self-standing program.


Enter the Blend Order™ into your own system or with a broker of your choice.

Easy to Use

The Tutorial gives subscribers easy-to-use guidelines to follow.

Staying Power

Positions are covered to reduce financial exposure against rapid price movement that could force you out of the market.