Protect against
Market uncertainty

New online tool
using PUTS and CALLS

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Affordable options

Option Advantage® is an effective
and efficient online tool
for cost-conscious, successful
grain producers.

Option Advantage® is an easy-to-use, timesaving, online tool of 126 Blend Order™ continually updated by live ECBOT data. The tool allows you to participate and benefit from your position in volatile commodity markets, all at an affordable price.

Option Advantage® takes the guesswork out of using CALL and PUT options. It helps to speed up your decision-making process - saving you time during rapidly moving markets. Option Advantage® gives you staying power to maintain your position.


Complements market plans

Self-standing procedure

Reduced Cost

Compared to purchasing a simple option premium

Mobile Accessible

Access anywhere, anytime!


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Option Advantage® is a user-friendly tool to help you achieve
your market goals.

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